HTML5 is one of the most important web standards of the modern times. If you are a web designer in this decade, you will need solid HTML5 skills in order to remain relevant and keep in tune with the trends in web development. There is so much that you may need to learn about this language in order to stay relevant and ready for all kinds of web development projects and you need good HTML5 training programmes available to everyone to help stay ahead of the curve.

What is HTML5?
Before you plunge into the HTML5 training programmes available to everyone, you may need to understand what HTML5 is in the first place and why it is so relevant in the modern and current web development terrain. To understand that it is important to develop a general overview or vision of where web development technologies are headed currently. That will enable you to see the central role that HTML5 will play in future web design projects. You are likely to ask yourself a lot of questions with regards to this rapidly developing web development standard. For example, what is HTML5? How does it differ from other earlier HTML versions? Why is it so prevalent in the current web technologies? With good HTML5 training programmes available to everyone, you can uncover the mystery behind HTML5 and also master hands-on HTML5 and CSS3 coding skills that will put you at the frontiers of these technologies.

HTML5 is the fifth iteration of the HTML markup language. A markup language like HTML will make it possible for the web browsers to interpret and display certain page attributes such as the images, text, special effects and much more. HTML5 was very basic in the past but it has undergone tremendous developments and innovations over the years which have added several capabilities to this popular markup language.

With the HTML5, it is reaching its zenith and in the process unlocking so many capabilities that many of us never even imagined were possible. One of its winning qualities is that it makes it possible to easily embed multimedia content onto the web pages such as audio, videos and other special effects.

Why is HTML5 Better than all the other markup languages?
HTML5 is a superior markup language for a variety of reasons. It makes it possible to add lots of rich media onto the web pages without necessarily making the pages particularly heavy. It is a perfect alternative to the use of the flash images in web design.

One of the many factors that led to its early success is that it was embraced by many of the leading technology companies that play an important role in web such as Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

Why is HTML5 Important?
Because HTML5 is such an important and comprehensive markup language that is backed by some of the biggest technology companies, it is well supported by most of the major web browsers. That means apps and web pages that have been developed on the HTML5 platform are rendered optimally across multiple web interfaces. It’s highly versatile and is looked upon by most technology companies and developers as constituting the future of web development.

That is why it is important to enroll in a good HTML5 web course such as the one offered here which covers both the introduction to HTML5 and the core HTML5 programming.