Over the decades, Vespa has introduced some of the World’s best scooters with millions of satisfied customers all over the world. Since inception, Piaggio the manufacturer behind Vespa, has made this brand one of the best known internationally. Over 70 years of long history, Piaggio has introduced a full line of Vespa scooters with different characteristics. The technology and design of the Vespa scooters have also undergone many changes with time, and each time the brand value of Vespa has increased in leaps and bounds. New Vespa Primavera Touring is another Vespa 50cc for sale, which is getting much attention from the lovers of scooters in the country.

Selling points of the new brand:

Vespa is always serious about three aspects while manufacturing its scooters- technology, design and utility. All these three factors have been professionally adjusted to create the New Vespa Primavera Touring.  Here are the salient features of this new scooter:

Technical aspects:

The scooter is built around 50cc, having single cylinder Hi-Per4, 4 stroke engine with 3-way catalytic converter. It has dimensions of around 1860x735x1340mm. The secondary air system sends power to the real wheels quite efficiently by an automatic transmission process. The maximum attainable speed of this 50cc scooter is 40mph. The system generates more power than actually needed to attain this maximum speed. The fuel consumption of this scooter is 90mpg.

The fuel tank capacity is 8li. The front brake is hydraulically controlled 200 mm stainless steel disc, while the rear brake is mechanically controlled 140mm drum. Both front and rear tyres are tubeless while the rear tyre is slightly bigger than the front tyre. The model possesses auto electric starter and kick starter systems.

Design: the design of this newly introduced  Vespa 50cc for sale has caught the attention of the general public as well as the experts in this field. The scooter is available in five different colours. The seating arrangement is smartly designed with more space while leaving enough space, both at the front and back, to carry weight. The model is perfectly designed keeping in mind people’s interests. One can easily use this scooter for riding short distances and local markets.

Utility: Utility of Vespa Primavera Touring is enormous. Its high fuel efficiency is just outstanding and unique among the similar scooters on the market. Two people can easily ride on it with enough weight placed in front and rear luggage racks. With easy starting facility, is light in weight and tubeless tire system, the scooter is quite handy for both men and women.

Sales procedure maintained by dealers:

The dealers of Vespa are promoting the new scooter very efficiently. They mainly focus on two factors- promotional campaigns for attracting customers in this highly competitive market,  and second, the after-sales Customer Relationship Management. Some strategies implemented by these dealers are enumerated here:

  • Highlight the most attractive aspects of new Vespa 50cc for sale.
  • Arrangement of easy finance for the customers.
  • Good after-sales service facilities, including periodical check up and on road servicing facilities.

Vespa 50CC is an all-new experience for the owners. It’s truly an all-purpose family scooter which can be quite comfortably handled by any adult family member, including the elderly members of a household.